Dear All,

Let me tell you an Interesting Story of a Young Boy. Let us go back to 1984, while he was in school. He came from a Middle Class Family with great value system.

He was very intelligent , and studious. But very very introvert. Ho would not speak in front of teachers, and had very few friends.

He always felt lonely. And had few group friends of school. And to add to the situation, the friend group always avoided him. This used to make him unhappy.

Hence he got into the world of books. And he started making Books His Friends. Whenever the group avoided him, he would go home and start reading books.

Infact he became crazy for books. And would buy Books on Diwali and not Clothes or Crackers.

He grew up in the world of books around him.

He became a voracious reader, which helped him later in his journey.

Since childhood, he started Dreaming of Writing a Book.He had it as a Wish List

He started to write when he was 40 years and it took him 3 years to complete his first book. He had no mentor and coach to help him. He ran after many Publishing houses and finally got his book Self Published. And he sold more than 5000 copies.on his own.

He then wanted to write many books. Last year in Nov 2019 , He wrote World’s First Fiction Embedded Non Fiction Book On Sales. It is an amazing book on Sales.

And sold thousand of copies in the last 5 -6 months. He has used Story telling for this book.

He also broke a Record of Writing and Publishing his 3rd Book in 4 days ( End to End ) and that being first Story Book Format for Entrepreneurship.

He has a dream to write at least 10 more books in the next 2-3 years.

His Mission is to Empower Millions of Professionals, who are Stuck in the Journey to Become Authors!!!!

Do you want to KNOW him!!!!

He is the Person Writing This Post!!!!!!!!

Do you resonate with him – Do you want to Write A Book?

Write ” I WANT TO BE AN AUTHOR ” in comment box.


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