I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days back. He was impacted by the Lockdown. We all are impacted by the lockdown. However, he was disturbed as he suddenly got exposed to his cousin’s responsibility to handle during this period.

His wife, was staying at her parents house. and he was all alone to manage the same. His Business had gone for a toss. He runs a garment business. He was demotivated and was cribbing. We were speaking and i was glancing through the images on my mobile phone. It said, about Trusting Yourself. 

This idea, hit me and i asked him, ” DO YOU TRUST YOURSELF “? And he was silent. And it struck me also, in this conversation, that Do i Trust myself . He was silent for some seconds, and he replied. Yes, i do, but somewhere i had lost touch with the essence of this statement. There was energy in his voice. And we spoke on other topics. He called up today morning – 11  JULY 2020 and he spoke with lot of enthusiasm. 

Now the beauty is, i had also lost touch with that statement. And this statement Gives me power now.

My question to you is ” DO YOU TRUST YOURSELF ? ” If no… Start Today.

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